Using proxy servers for staying safe and ahead? Please help get past thru the censorship!!!

I know its posibble to use whats called "elitist", "transperent", and anonymous proxy servers on sites like and many other 'free proxy sites.

How does one make sense of the port number and the ip provided and utilize it to make their device have the ability to surf the web with a server located in a different mocked location with no or very little censorship to information and content.

Using windows 10 using Edge or internet explorer 11 have separate settings themes, but what is to bbe placed in the boxes for manual settings with scripts preconfigured, or the advanced options letting you enter different ips for different protocols.

Im trying to access the unrestricted uncensored web that contains info and material one would never know how imprisoned their ideas and beliefs are due to their provided info by their ISP.

How do ports and numbers mask an identity to tracel freely thru thendeep web?


  • I suggest using Tor Browser or use a vpn such as airvpn.
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    It's a little hard to take someones confidentiality serious when they're considering edge or ie as a browser choice, lol.

    Tor had reasonable anonymity but don't quote me on that because after the security firm that got pwnd by anon and the silk road shit went down it's a little hard to evaluate on that. You could always use a shit load of proxy chains and cross your fingers
  • Library Wi-Fi on TOR makes a good proxy.
  • I use TOR browser and either VYPR VPN or Cyber Ghost when lurking in the Dark/Deep Web. You can also set up your own VM. Depending on what your into you could set up TORFOX and a VPN then use FireFox and get some Add'ons such as exploding cookies , OS spoof , Device spoof , 3rd party etc. You can also change your Mac address or spoof it. Also you can get a burner device that has no ties to you and if it manages to get tracked then it does not lead back to you in any way. If you go that route just remember to never use your wifi or your family or your friends either and be smart and never have the device set to always scanning fora open network and never allow it to automatically connect to an open wifi. Use a open public wifi or its relatively easy to crack a neighbors wifi and just piggy back off them. Someone already mentioned using the library and once again it depends on what your into so maybe the library isn't best since they use WEB RTC on their networks and even tho you think your invisible when using TOR/VPN your actually not because WEB RTC will snag your IP/Terminal address etc regardless. Besides the librarys network will not allow a device using a proxy into the network. Also the library requires a membership so between WEB RTC , not being able to use a proxy while on their network and the library having your personal information then that kinda destroys OpSec and anonymity.
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    If your piggyback'n a neighbors wifi just remember if you hear the feds kicking in their doors for something you did just open the blinds when the doors of your neighbors are getting kicked in at 2 am , toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave then when its done popping just toss your devises in there and set for 3 mnutes then go back to the window and watch the show as the only links to you are melting in the microwave.
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