Half baked. Literally. — Totseans

Half baked. Literally.

A friend of mine decided to try the shake and bake method. Unfortunately about 20 minutes into the shake, the bottle decided to "explode" just as she was loosening the cap. She lost half her stuff all over the ground but saved what was left in the bottle. All the ingredients had been added at the time of the mishap. Is there any way she can bring this stuff back to life?. Make this lovable and smokable? She tried to smoke it, but it immediatly turned black. Not because she burned it. She's not that stupid. Also, there was super heavy thick smoke. What can she add or subtract to make this thing work? Is there someway, somehow, somewhere? PS all the lithium had melted .
It is 48 hours later and it is still slighty damp to the touch. Somewhat oily. Almost like half dried Play-Doh... crumbly, little sad bits.
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