you keep asking how to clean pills!!! READ HERE


  • Will it remove Dibutyl phthalate? Didn't see that one in the list.
  • You did not write that you fake. I remember that from the hive you fake
  • He couldn't possibly tell you because he doesn't really know! It's all he knows how to do besides get high. Pathetic
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    I'm not even going reply to most of your drunk ass unreadable comments but here goes...

    We have been through this before and you ended up appoligizing now you start again?? What you got so drunk you forgot last time...

    I'm no fake and if you actually read the thread I got this from erowid you fuck wit and if you actually could read past the first line you would have seen that I gave reference to the original writer you fuck head!!!

    You obviously were either to drunk to read or... You are a illiterate.

    Which would actually make sense because your drunk ass rambling makes no sense either...

    If anyone has anymore than two brain cells they will be able to see right through your jealousy... You just ramble on... You clearly can't make any good gear because your always coming around drunk talking shit... You are nothing but a keyboard warrior...

  • enso the stb is old
    the only that work now is stb3, the pickled p
  • Jealous of what? Hahaha lol. I love that me drunk and rambling gets you to call me illiterate as you use bad grammar, but I'm not grading your papers, I'm letting everyone know you're a fraud. You're a clown, and you're going down for it. Two others on here back me on the knowledge you're a fraud, you lost. Now own up, write your own report now, FROM SCRATCH.
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    double tap
  • Keyboard warrior.. Wow I actually like that one hehe. That's like what we called the bitches in lock up that talked shit doorillas, bc they talked all that behind a door... Anyways, I long for the day I see you in person. The keyboard thing is the first original thing I ever heard you say. Keep that shit up! Good work!
  • I apologized because it's the high road. It's the right thing to do. Just like admitting when you're wrong, especially when you're caught. I had already seen that you copy pasted my mans shit and claimed as your own that I didn't read any post here. I just went ahead and let you have it. Don't ever call a man illiterate because he wrote shit you didn't like. You just look stupid especially after calling them halfwit and what not. An illiterate wouldn't be able to write hello. I don't claim to be Einstein , I don't claim much at all anymore. But my word is my bond and you can count on what I say as gospel. I came back mad about the fact you told someone you were li. Ooh man, you fucked with some real people boy.
  • Even weirder than that, I saw my observation on kmno4 solution used to oxidize cmp that the dea uses to isolate suspected methamphetamine lab chemicals from chemicals that can make their efforts fruitless at best, filthy at worst. Permanganate doesn't just oxidize cmp, but also pse that didn't cook so you end up w super pure meth w a dash of methcathinone (sounds good). If you did the reaction right then during gassing you will observe strong rotation in a counterclockwise manner. This is because of that wonderful, marvelous aspect of meth : chirality. The dextro rotary molecules all adding to the collective rotation offer the most attractive hurricane model I've ever seen. I can't remember much of 2012, but what I can often takes me back to that lovely, filthy garage where I both found and lost myself, quite possibly forever.
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