Dark Temple

As a longstanding &T user, I've witnessed the 'glory days' of the forums. A repository of informative textfiles, many on 'taboo' subjects. I saw how it died a slow death by the jenkem-fueled idiocracy of the 4chan refugees, not unlike an elephant being dragged down by a pack of hyenas. I also was there for the spinoffs that came about . Totse2, Zoklet, ParadoxSector, etc, etc. Zoklet in particular was haunted with frequent demands from federal agencies.

Totse not only had strong founding principles, it had a userbase of people with diverse talents. You could ask car questions and get an automotive expert. You could ask about firearms and get the input of a gunsmith. Same story was true across any of the forums. BLTC, BB, etc. The only thing that would get you banned is shitposting.

The climate of the internet has changed. People are flagged just for searching the wrong things. Freedom of speech is being lost.
People succumb to complacency and sacrifice liberty for convenience. In order to preserve a venue of candid discussion, there needs to be relative anonymity. I'm proposing a dark web reincarnation of &T. Something to attract an astute and diverse userbase. A place to preserve and share knowledge.

I'm posting this idea to this site because it's possibly the last semblance of &T. The spirit is intact. It just needs to be nurtured and brought back to it's former splendor. In order to succeed, this project would require a committed staff of developers, moderators, and of course users.


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