How miuch timne do you spend online.

FrYFrY Regular
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About how long do you spend each day puttinng your life into the internet? Then compare it to how much do you get physicaly from it, like ordering shoes to drugs, or makeing online scams or companys.

Im pretty high but I am sure I have only made close to tree fiddy or something from somethinng I won on a zoklet thread fo doimg something.

Do you ever cash out your +100,000,000 internetz into any real dough?


  • MegaKushMegaKush Regular
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    too much time. and i dont get shit physically at all. ive looked for jobs on the web but thats like the only productive thing i have done. the internet is always open when i have nothing to do which is always
  • DailyDaily Regular
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  • LSA KingLSA King Regular
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    Honestly I spend probably about a solid 12 hours behind a computer. It will be worse once I finish college and work as a network admin. That is, if I can get a job by then lol. Honestly I'm noticing an impact on my health. My wrists are hurting like a mother fucker, my neck is getting tense as fuck no matter what I do, I feel like shit (eating bad), and I'm starting to develope a hunchback like that of Nortre Dame.
  • Big baby jesusBig baby jesus Regular
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    ^ lol LSA King of Nortre Dame

    I spend like, way too much time online. yeah. Need a gf.
  • NamasteNamaste Regular
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    I spend way too much time online. Like if I'm at home, I'm online, basically... or at least online in between doing crazy things.
  • FrYFrY Regular
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    Fuck you all I spend the least time online, and I got a badass red fast car and womenz and cash flow.

    Join da club.
  • Big baby jesusBig baby jesus Regular
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    ^is 50 cent there :hrmph:
  • LostInTheWoodsLostInTheWoods Regular
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    Probably 5-12 hours every day.

    Almost always online if im at home, even if i do other things away from the computer.
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