More self imposed straight edging for August...

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This summer I went a month without buying any drugs for the first time in over 4 years. I also missed out on a lot of great shit, but this was done in the name of motivation. And now that I've been granted the opportunity to return to college thanks to no drug charges in a case, and will be given anywhere from $6-$11 K due to a significantly decreased tuition rate. Fuck that on-campus shit, the dorm system has got to be a fucking failure by design, whoever the hell thought that was a good idea for motivation or achievement was a retarded fuck.

I'm looking at renting a lakeside place, real off the grid location too, that's 1 bedroom due to no one moving in with me. I haven't had any money to back up a plan because I still owe the courts. This leads me to realize that when I was off drugs I was able to work a shit ton and not care about what others were doing and what not. It kinda sucked but it kept me from doing whatever the hell I felt like.

So this August I'm not doing shit, again. Just bought a bong last week, got 4 free hits of acid that I let sit around and go bad because I haven't had time to use and no one wanted, but whatever.

tl;dr: Binge time's over. I realize there's only a few days left in July though.


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    Cool story, bro.
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    hey look, it's rizzo.
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    Yeah its almost Aug already, summer is going by quick.
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    Summer IS going by quick... I can't wait to see what this coming year has in store for me. I got my own place with some friends, and I agree, the dorm system is fail. Especially at my school. Most students actually live off-campus... the dorms are just freshmen-city.
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    I've been banned for life from ever living on campus again. Good, that place was a mess to live in.

    Anyway I'm still getting fucked up until August 1st but then I'm taking another indefinite break. Probably until school starts.
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