Question about a dream

Has anyone been pumping HCl gas into their dream juice, and instead of a lackluster first pull and a generous second/third pull that requires drying time, on the first pump or two of gas, a dense stone with the consistency of toffee magically appears, that requires very little drying time? I mean, this thing snaps like a fucking toffee bar. Looks like the good stuff, is the correct weight, dries and eventually turns to dense powder, but is just really strange to see. I mean this rock comes out of NOWHERE. it happens usually when I use less fuel than normal. When I use Coleman's fluid, this stone is usually blue, whereas my normal product is white. If anyone can explain this to me, please do. Is this ghost gak, or is it pure dope? Wtf is it and why is it so confusing? Also, this toffee dope seems to dry way quicker and more thoroughly, and doesn't end up waxy like my usual yield.
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