The Cell Phone Recycling Bin Scam

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This is a low yield low risk scam that I thought up a while ago. It's nothing much, but hopefully some people will profit from it.

You know those cell phone and other electronics recycling bins that you see around the mall or shopping center? Ever wonder what happens to all that stuff? If you do, you're a hardcore faggot, because you should be wondering why all that stuff doesn't go into your pocket instead of some gay recycling company. Why not just take the bin and run? Or, if you're feeling a bit like a scam with some long-time returns, do this... Take a nonchalant picture of the emblem on the box using the camera phone that you undoubtedly have (pretend you're texting, but take a pic). Then open up the pic in photoshop, and separate the emblem from the rest of the picture. Now, send that emblem off to a uniform maker, or even a simple work shirt designer (must be long sleeve and either khaki or light blue, to match dark khaki or dark blue slacks [everyone has these, all you even need is the emblem on the shirt]). You could also get a hat designed with the same logo if you want to hide your face from the cameras. Next, you need to get a secure looking bag that could hold all the phones. I'm not talking a plastic shopping bag, I'm talking a heavy cloth bag, the type used to hold currency and other such valuables. Send this and the emblem off to another fabric printer (or do it at home, if you have the resources). Finally, create an ID in photoshop, and incorporate the emblem somehow. Make an employee number, assigned location/city, name, etc. etc. Print this out on high-gloss photo paper. Now print out another one, with your "employee number", the emblem, and a barcode. Laminate (or tape, if you can't laminate) these onto the front and back of a blank PVC card, or a regular old library card. Remember to make the edges of the paper line up with the card. Now get one of those id holders that shields the card in plastic, and clips to your shirt. You're finally ready. Get dressed in the uniform, grab the bag, clip on the ID, and go empty that bin (or just take the entire thing, no one's going to questions you with all the ID). Go home and shower in that shit, relieve them of all important data, and then pawn them on Craigslist.


  • mashlehashmashlehash Regular
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    This is so crazy it just might work....

    You try it first.
  • AdmnistratorAdmnistrator Semo-Regulars
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    Neither shop employees nor customers care if you remove any items from this 'phone recycling bin'
  • DaSkipperDaSkipper Regular
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    I say I dropped my cell phone in there by accident if someone questions me about it then I'll just rob that shit nigga.
  • AzureAzure Acolyte
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    Or you could do half the work and just make your own bin?
  • PigPig Regular
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    All that, for a bunch of old/broken phones. Clever.
  • Jolt890Jolt890 Acolyte
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    Pig wrote: »
    All that, for a bunch of old/broken phones. Clever.

    Cept I'm guessing you might be able to part some old phones together... and you can sell broken newer phones on ebay for a few bucks.

    It does say it's a low risk, low yield operation.

    So quit being a douche.
  • muffinsmuffins Regular
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    Imma make a few up this week and put one in my local alltel store and one in my local piggly wiggly. Cell phones for soldiers is a real charity that you could use
  • SLPSLP New Arrival
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    One flaw: when you sell the phone you need a charger. Where do you get the charger from?
  • DysgraphiaDysgraphia Locked
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    What are you going to do with broken cellphones?

    No pawnshop's going to take them in, they're in the trash for a reason. You could probably make a profit off selling the batteries and covers. Covers for smartphones like a Bold can go up to $20. Or you could scam people and pass them off as new.

    It's too much effort.

    I didn't know people sold broken shit on eBay.

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    Did a quick Google and found the same logo on some bins in several Walgreens near me:
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