Is suicide a sin?

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Alot of people in particuler catholics say that committing suicide is a ticket to hell. Ive thought about and contemplated this question many times and I don't believe it is. god is forgiveness and love therefore he wouldn't send you to hell for doing that. i believe it saddens providence to see a person kill themselves but does it anger him no it dosnt. God is love he dosnt punish but rather mourns for those who choose to end it all.


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    what's a sin?
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    no, suicide is not a "sin," because there are no "sins," seeing as there is no omniscient being to judge every single human being's actions.

    however, in answer to a related question, "is suicide ethical?" there are two standard positions: yes, or no.

    Albert Camus says that suicide is a cowardly act because it is an escape from the absurdity and meaninglessness of life, the same way religion is. Camus was all about embracing life's absurdity ("the absurd" in this case meaning the fact that humans exist for no designated purpose, yet they want to believe that they do). According to Camus, it is better to face the harsh reality of life and laugh in its face than to be a pussy and kill yourself.

    Kant says that suicide is also wrong, because if it was applied universally (if everyone committed suicide), then the world would not be a better place. Kant was all about universality of actions.

    On the other hand, you have philosophers like Schopenhauer who say: ""They tell us that suicide is the greatest act of cowardice... that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person."

    In cases of extreme mental or physical suffering, Objectivists (followers of Ayn Rand) believe that suicide is okay:
    Suicide is justified when man's life, owing to circumstances outside of a person's control, is no longer possible; an example might be a person with a painful terminal illness, or a prisoner in a concentration camp who sees no chance of escape. In cases such as these, suicide is not necessarily a philosophic rejection of life or of reality. On the contrary, it may very well be their tragic reaffirmation. Self-destruction in such contexts may amount to the tortured cry: "Man's life means so much to me that I will not settle for anything less. I will not accept a living death as a substitute."

    And who can forget Japanese samurai, whose code of honor encourages them to commit suicide to avoid being captured, so as to die an honorable death. In this situation, suicide is courageous.
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    First of all, there is no hell--it is a myth. Shit, even Pope John Paul II knew that, and said so in 1999.

    Secondly--as has been pointed out--God does not judge or punish. We domesticated primates are real fucking good at that ourselves.

    Third, suicide is a choice. Whether or not it actually serves our own best interests depends on the circumstances.
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    doesnt it say in the bible it is a sin????
    u c guys if u dont go by wut the bible says then how can u belive in god?? unles u got the idea of a god from the bible then that wood b stupid cus u just made up somthing randim that u belive in. that being said if u dont reed the bible but belive in god u r a idiot becus u r playing with posibly going 2 hell 4 eternity. if u disagree with wut god thinks u r also stupid becus who r u 2 qwestion somthing that is biger then the universe itself??? the cre8er of U the eco sistim and the perfectshin of this planit we live on. how can u belive in god but not the bible that told u about it in the 1st plase?
    so basicly if it says in the bible it is a sin it is most likely a sin becus or else y wood it say it is a sin if it isnt? LOL!!!! :o:o:o:o:o
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    In Islam it's a sin. If you commit suicide you will go straight to hell.
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    It's not just bad, it actually casts upon the self God's will. Is that what you wanna do?
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    Your life belongs 100%, and only to you! It's yours to do with as you wish. End of.
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    If you're dead, how can you go anywhere?
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