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another song


I wish that there was no upholding of
unrest and wars seen now as golden love
I wish I had none of this folding sense of death
but since I do, where can I go to be with less of it?

but since I do the fare is golden
look at all those holding motions
to predict flow of the ocean like
your eyes and mass commotion's light

learner's groping ties, the lies
which distance shores and islands
rising from the surface of the sea
like rinsing urges from my being

purge this feeling, not deserved
endure our past which I incurred
see with the eye that looking back
sees callous and instant attack

The Lord is here, like a sillouette
don't know what to give, don't know what I get

The sword brings fear, like hunger's bite
I don't wanna fight, just to do right

Oh the things I wanna be, what is this feeling
like disease, why do I hear the crying trees

instead of wondering

the street has love, that's what I'm told
the feats above it are what's holding it
the miser toils in his shame
uprising papers fill his face and what he takes

learn from their treaties, what is left of them
turn to the wind, and not away from them
maybe what's carried can be saved
or if it's sectioned, aren't we better off that way?

the war is dwelling inside me
the score is really hard to see
my new weapon is disease
newest invention just for seizing all your frozen thoughts
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