How much does salvia cost where you live?

TLVTLV Regular
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And the legality of it there.


  • LargosFinesTLargosFinesT Semo-Regulars
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    It USED to be like $30 for a gram of some x12...

    but that was months ago, they just made it illegal here.
  • CaesarCaesar Regular
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    It's illegal in Australia, so it probably costs significantly more than its worth.
  • stormyweathersstormyweathers Acolyte
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    your getting scammed if you have to pay more than 1$/X /g
    like, 1g of 40X should be $40 max, etc
  • DailyDaily Regular
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    It's legal here (UK) and the last time I checked a vial of 12x was £10.
  • FrYFrY Regular
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    Its pretty legal as of now, prices differ based on the extracts potency.
  • edited August 2010
    GA. Legal to cultivate for "aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes" only. I grew it for nearly 5 years (got it off ebay before they stopped selling them) until spider mites got to them. It still hurts ... :(

    Also, I can obtain like 2 or 3 grams of 5X for ~$5
  • 13371337 Regular
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    Had to buy it in Georgia, it's illegal here. It was $60 a gram for 60x, but it was buy one get one free, so 2 grams of 60x for $60.
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