looking 4 gosts

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ok so who here looks 4 gosts????????? i no this area that me and my frind go down 2 and its honted. how do i no? i will tell u.

tip number 1- crazy lady lives in the house and yells at us wen we r neer 2 go away even tho we still r on the street and not on her property.

tip number 2- i have never seen this ladys husbind and i no that she used 2 have 1

tip number 3- i saw ppl diging up a hole 1 time and they acted suspishious wen i rode by on my bike

tip number 4 (and the biggist tip of them all)- ok so this is a long 1. but 1 time i went on a run and then it was like october and the wether was changing 2 cold. it got dark. and windy. then it was warm wen i left and wen i was going back it got tired and the wind was blowing aginst me and i was still in the wild far from home. and next 2 this ladys house across the creek i saw a graveyard that i never seen b4!!!!!! there were creepy lites and now somtimes i go there and i usualy dont c it but som nites i do. it disapeers cus its honted and that stupid crazy lady proly killed a bunch of ppl.

ok so anyways now with that being said who here looks 4 gosts???? im trying 2 get 2 the botim of this story and maybe get this womin prosicuted but idk i dont want gosts or spells after me and idk how going 2 jail wood free these poor ppls soles from being a gost :o:o:o:o:o:o


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    if ther is sumthin strainge in the nayborhood, who yu gonna call?

    if ther is sumthin weerd
    an it dont look good
    who yu gonn call?

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    Stop fucking trolling, trollface McTroll. By the way, I'm talking to you branfag.
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    lol i dont look for ghosts, but sometimes when i go to sleep, i hear whispering in my room, then tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
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