The all-inclusive MDMA thread

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I haven't noticed any threads about MDMA on here. So here's a thread for rolls/molly/possibly E. but probably not bunkys.

Last night I had some phenomenal molly. My friend had a 2-night party moving into his new apartment in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in the deep woods and the first night was drinking, and the second night was a rave type thing. Had a great time and this was some of the best MDMA I've ever done. Got it from someone who I definately know has the pure and clean shit, and it was great shit as usual.

First time I've rolled since like April or May too, it was fuckin' great.

So where's all the e-tards at?


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    Who doesn't love MDMA? :D

    I only wish it wasn't so hard to get good product here...Has been a long time since I sampled anything close to pure.
  • white rabbitwhite rabbit Acolyte
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    There has been a lot of E activity in this area lately. I try to roll once or twice a month, but I'm still unsure about how I feel with it. Never know what you're going to get, so I lightly dose bombs. I'll chew a half and swallow the other half later or pop one, pop another later etc.

    Now, molly is something I really wish I could get my hands on. I had a capsule full once but I digested it too quickly -.- and never experienced that.

    First hard experience with E was a peach yankee that my step brother had gotten me. We chewed them up and I rolled very, very fucking hard. First time a drug has psychologically kicked my ass. After I started really coming up we met with a few of his friends, smoked a blunt and I started to space really bad. Caught an awkward (or what I felt was awkward) eye contact with one of the kids and started to realize that I was forgetting where I was.

    I felt at total peace for the first time, it was amazing. Eventually after I kept forgetting where I was due to hallucinations that brought such euphoria (shit like jesus and buddha having conversations in front of me telling me secrets of life --- to figured out how energy can be manipulated with extreme focus and intent. It felt like my IQ was raised 20 points and inter-connectedness started to make sense, along with opening my eyes to the way things really are (or felt at the time, which was pretty crystal clear clarity-- I felt I was "waking up")
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    Shit man...Sounds like you got some tryptamines in there???

    The closest to hallucinations I've had on E was being so off my nut I thought it was raining because of the way all the lights were moving/reaching out to me....Took me a good 30min to work out I was just fucked up and it wasn't raining.

    The pill I had was a Monster Inc. print...I get similar effects when I take a MD cap.
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    Ahh I remember my first time rolling. Me an 2 homies sat under the pier smoking cigs and bowls till the lifeguards came and yelled at us to move. First we went up to the boardwalk where one of my friends went up to some ice cream vendor and would ask him for a sample then drop it and ask for another. He must have done it 5 times before I yelled at him to quit we were leaving.

    So we skated to some liquor store (if you have never skated while rolling before it's highly recommended) to get water and when we came out there was this nig bouncing around the middle of an intersection in his car with some crazy hydraulics. All the cars around were stopped and there must have been over 100 people standing around watching. We were in total awe. Only on drugs man.

    Following that we went to taco bell, my friend insisting he needed to eat, he ordered 2 crunch wrap supremes took 1 bite and offered them to me. Somehow I managed to down one but had no desire to touch the other.

    We went to some party later that night but seeing as the pills were anything but clean I just sat there begging anyone that walked by for either a toke or a smoke.

    Good times.
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