Brandon, my bridge is totally better. [picz

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Just so u know brandon, I may smoke there but I ain't smoking PCP like you. Yer such a crazy, trolltastic, motherfucker. My bridge is superior to yours in every way, and you can't prove me wrong. O' course my bridge probably gets some bonus points for not being fictional like yours you LIAR.

I go there when my neighbours are outside admiring their lovely suburban lawns. I don't wanna sketch out smoking up in my backyard just cuz fgt suburbanites aren't to be trusted. Any nice day on a weekend is probably a day for the bridge. Especially in summer. Today I went, and someone said I should take pix. So I did.

The first bridge (ie the one you get to from my street) is pretty cool I guess. As you go under, pretty much straight ahead is one of the chillest spots ever. First thing you see is a bit o' graffiti, tho there's not as much on this bridge:

If you you go down that hill to the right of the support column or whatever, you can sit on that big flat rock near center frame:

Sitting on that rock, this is the view:

So yeah, it's real peaceful 'n' shit. With your headphones on anyway. Seeing these pics it's kinda peaceful looking but IRL all you hear is the fucking cars. They tend to ruin the mood if you wanted some quiet, peaceful nature. :p

The other bridge has it's merits too... you have to walk on a small path cut between some trees growing in the small gap between them which leads to this ledge:

As you'd expect, the ledge gives you a pretty nice view as well:


Damn right. You want vandalism. This bridge is FTW, rite? Wrong. It's a prick.

Of course I am. This fuckin' asshole bridge actually mocked me. There's always something depressing about when yr joint is close to done. T_T

The work isn't totally epic shit, but I bet someone put some srs effort in. For me it's just purdy looking stuff for when I'm toking lol. The sprays cover the whole goddamn wall/foundation (for the record I'm responsible for exactly 0 of them):

Oh and sometimes I follow a path through the plants to the right of the bridge and smoke at this place, but it's not really under the bridge so it doesn't count:

Now I'm resting/sleeping. Pounding headache, been up forever. Fuck this. Would you guys agree that this is a pretty fuckin awesome place to get baked? No? Why the fuck not?


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