It's Molly's world, and we're just along for the roll

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This is an MDMA trip report. I know I haven't had internet for some time now, but I've still been up to my old ways. My old ways brought me to a binge this past weekend, and this is the story of it.

lot of people have done MDMA. Many have done it excessively. Well, over the past few days I have managed to roll the hardest I have in my entire life, and did so for quite a long period of time. Let's go back to Thursday...

Thursday, a few friends of mine hosted a double house rave they called "Dub Dungeon" out in the boondocks at their townhouses in the middle of nowhere. They've had a ton of parties and this one was set out to be a banger, and so, MDMA came into town. Now when I say we got MDMA, I'm not talking about a few rolls we bought from some random fucker off the streets. I'm talking about pure molly, by what was probably the pound. I showed up at one of the houses during their pre-gaming, smoking a lot of weed and acquiring various alcoholic beverages. For showing up with 2 bottles of Molson XXX, I lucked out and somehow got a few Labatts, a few Heinekins, and traded a single cig for 2 Great Lakes ales, which are some really dank local brews. With a sufficient quantity of alcohol ready, we went over to the other house. This is where we got our first molly, and I got a pretty fat dose (about .14) for $10. This would be the only time I paid for molly this entire weekend. I blew a little bump and ate the rest around 10 PM, and the rave started. A ton of people showed up, everyone was there and rolling face. More people and more drugs showed up, some people started candyflipping, others started doing some random pills, a few people tripping balls on shrooms were there, everyone was toking up, rolling face, and drinking down though. Shit was straight chaotic. This went on in some timeless fashion for a long, long time, along with various bumps of molly being offered for packing a bowl and what not. Everything was a euphoric blur of energy and thrilling confusion. Eventually I came down off my molly at around 4 AM and found myself shitfaced. Still, I made the drive home and was passed out by 7 or 8 AM, somewhere around there.

Friday, I skipped all my classes and slept until about 6 PM. I woke up, and returned back to my friends' house where we rolled the night before. You can probably predict what happened next, but eventually we found ourselves in yet another full on rave that night. This time, I was being fed molly by the ton. I blew a ridiculous amount of lines and drank and smoked more, this time I managed to bring a full 6er of the Molson XXX. Me, a friend of mine, and some of his associates relocated to his house at some point that night, and more and more lines of molly followed. I must have blown about a gram of molly in total that night, and the others were just straight fucked, having been blowing these fat coke-like lines of molly even longer than I had been. One guy eventually thought it was a great idea to carry a plate with a pile of molly in his mouth, which led to that pile being on his tongue. We sat around a table smoking weed, rambling about nothing, and blowing more molly over and over until long past sunrise. It was probably about 9 or 10 AM when I passed out, with that guy who ate a mountain still rolling face.

Saturday, well I woke up at my friends house at 1 PM and was still rolling, at this point I was just able to pass right back out for a couple more hours. I felt like my brain was drilled with holes and half functioning, e-tarded for sure. I drove home and managed to sit around playing video games for a little while until I made the journey back out to the houses where these raves had been going on. I spent the first half of the night at the one house, just smoking weed and watching a friend of mine nod out and puke everywhere on oxymorphone pills. They all had work the next day or were fucked up on painkillers, so I went next door to the other house to find... yeah, another rave going on. I got fed more molly once again, and packed a few bowls. This time around I wasn't drunk, and I had more clarity and focusness to my roll, if that makes any sense. This rave was smaller scale, it was pretty much just everyone who had molly left over from the night before, but that's not to say everyone wasn't completely rolling face again. There were like 10 of us, and I eventually stopped rolling and passed out on the couch at sunrise.

I woke up Sunday with my brain more e-tarded and swiss cheesed than ever before. If my brain was functioning at half capacity before I rolled again, this time it was going at quarter capacity. I felt like a fucking ghost. I also had to drive to Cleveland to visit my parents and get some food from them. I should mention now that I still have a suspended license and have been driving fucked up for pretty much as long as I moved back out here to college. I drove home and while I was there I managed to snag 20 xanax 1 mgs and 5 zolpidem 10 mgs for free, and made my drive back home. On the ride home, I basically lost function in my arms and hands on the freeway, and even though it was basically right before where I had to get off, it was not a good feeling to suddenly have uncontrollably clenched fists and arms that could barely move and felt like they weighed 10 tons. I have no idea what happened. This happened to me once before, when I was driving to Cleveland back on spring break with a car full of research chems, rolls, and no license. Maybe it's some weird panic attack, even though I felt calm on the ride back, maybe this was serotonin syndrome, I don't know. It wasn't fun. As soon as I got back to Kent, I went to another friends' house for a party and quickly sold a large amount of benzos. Then I went to the store and got a 40 of Mickey's and a can of that crazy Four Lokos energy drink alcohol shit with the crazy ABV percentage. I started drinking, blew a xanax, and ate another one. After a couple hours and about 5 or 6 brews, I got a call from the people at one of the houses where the raves were. I was partying with the people at the other house where these raves were, and we decided to relocate. Probably the worst decision that could have ever been made. I'd like to say before this next part, I always told people to never drive on pills and have never done so before, but I drove over there and smashed into a sign and completely shattered my windshield. I was answering a text, going 65 on a shitty road in the boondocks that's 35 or 40 MPH, and had just blown a stop sign when I took out a mailbox and had a speed limit sign bounce off my windshield. Normally, I would be pissed, but I was so pilled out and wasted that I didn't care. If my brain was even still functioning, it was probably at about 10% normal capacity now, what with all the e-tardedness and the benzos.

I went about selling completely out of xanax and then a few zolpidems were bought by someone, I don't really remember who. I went to the other house to chill and smoke some weed, and watch them enjoy their xanax for a little bit, and while I was there I was able to trade a couple xannies for a dose of 2C-E I had traded for a pack of cigs the day before. When me and my one friend went back over to the other house, we found the place in madness. There was a fistfight going on between 2 of my really good friends, there were people missing, and we left almost instantly. I decided to make a return mission and found 2 of my friends who live there with 2 new kids who were on the floor rolling balls. I got a ride home from my old roommate who lives there and on that ride back I learned someone had got arrested and someone was in a psych ward. I went to sleep and woke up on Monday at 4 PM and had to go about learning what had happened on this weekend.

It turned out that 2 of my friends started full on violent throwdown fist fighting for almost no reason at all, and pretty soon after, everyone was all benzoed out and caught up in the swings. One friend ended up at the hospital with a rolled ankle, and another ended up in the psych ward and the hospital for nearly dying from all the xanax and booze, along with maybe a bottle of aspirin, I still don't know the full story on what happened with that. My 2 really good friends who both had houses we partied at last year when I was still living in a dorm got in a massive brawl that lasted at least a half hour and they both hate each other now. Another kid caught a DUI, one of my friends is now moved out and living with his girlfriend, and my car has a busted windshield and I have a suspended license, leaving me with basically no car. I have the money to get it fixed this week though. Also I'm not entirely sure who still has a brain left after this weekend. I do, but it feels fried right now, and I'm typing this on Wednesday at 2:15 AM now.

Well, this is what I've been doing since not having the internet and living on my own. Make what you will of it, it's been a crazy fucking time in my life for sure. It's been not even 3 weeks since I moved back to where I go to college, and the times are already in full on tumultuous drug-induced mania. I'm chilling on the molly and benzos for a while, and I'm definately through with letting some people purchase and take my pharms, because they lose their fucking minds on it. This Labor Day weekend we all went to Molly's world, and we were just along for the roll. And I don't want to go back anytime soon, even though I loved every fucking second of it.

Dose estimations:

Weed - an 8th of my own and countless amounts of others', all dank no reg, over the course of the entire weekend.

Alcohol - Thursday: 7-10 bottles and cans of various beer, Friday: 6 bottles of Molson XXX (7.3% ABV), Saturday: a couple shots of whiskey and did not get drunk, Sunday: a 40 oz. of Mickey's Malt liquor, a 24 oz. can of Four Lokos (12% ABV), and various cans of Budweiser and Keystone

MDMA - Thursday: .14 mgs measured out, unknown amount of bumps of unknown quantity, Friday: at least 10 large lines that had to be over .1 each but still of unknown quantity, Saturday: 5-6 bumps of unknown quantity.

Xanax - Sunday: 2 mgs insufflated, 1 mg eaten

tl;dr: Everyone got e-tarded beyond belief, did a bunch of benzos, and went crazy over the course of 3 days


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