going on the trane trax

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ok so who here gos on the trane trax!???????????????????

i no that there r trane trax lots of plases but the 1s we have here r fun 2 wock on. there r sines that say not 2 wock or go neer them but i say let the cops chase after me 4 going on the trax cus i dont care about the law :o:o:o:o:o somtimes i bring coins like pennys and nicols and maybe som dimes its fun 2 experimint with this kind of stuff i found a hiliter so after snifing it a litle bit i put it on the trax wated 4 the trane 2 com and run it over. then i went 2 look. i could not find it idk were it went prolly som cop who is 2 scared 2 arest me LOL!!!! :o:o:o

so do u guys ever go on the trane trax??????


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    Actually yeah we've got some about 14 minutes from where I live. THere pretty fun to walk on. Just gotta watch out for when the trains come:D
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    I remember in elementary school, train cops came to do a presentation, and told us not to walk on train tracks while listening to portable cassette players. They showed cartoons of kids walking on the tracks not paying attention to the train creeping up right behind them :p
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    Try putting cutlery on the tracks, big flat forks are cool!
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    Fucking trains!
  • MorningsideMorningside Regular
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    fuckin trains, how do they work?
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    Tr1p's been posted, I imagine this thread will reach 20 pages now.
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    Train tracks here are about 20 tracks wide.
  • fanglekaifanglekai Regular
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    I nevar plai bai traks cuz itz 2 dangirus.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bunch of American girls on the same train i was on. It was about five or six PM and the carriage was packed full of depressed office workers.

    Their accents really stood out and were very attractive, they weren't too bad looking either.
    I honestly couldn't tell you what part of the US they were from. It was their first time on a train and the kept calling it a "subway". One of them worked at "barnes and noble" and deferred "college" for a semester. I was struck by how American those words all sound.

    One of them would say "nuh-ah" when disagreeing with something. I never realised people actually did that.

    They were here on some Christian outreach thing.

    ironically the website is coc.org.au
  • stresstres Regular
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    ironically the website is cock.org.au

    i hup the irony was not loest?
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    Got these train tracks where I live, walkin down em is dicey because they go through sort of this crevice blown out of the rocks, with just barely enough room to jump off the tracks if a train comes through. But after you get past that spot there's a train bridge over this little river that opens onto a lake to the west. so if you go in the evening you can sit on the bridge and watch the sun set on this little lake all full of lily pads. There's a couple of trees that hang over the shore, and make a pretty chill spot.

    some folks went out there a week ago and smashed a bunch of mikes bottles all over the fuckin place, its a mess now and might never get cleaned up. I started, but shit man there's a lot of work.
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