Favorite mixed drinks?

TLVTLV Regular
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What is you favorite mixed drink/s?

Depends on the mood I'm in. A White Russian is always a good choice. A make a Cotton Candy flavored Drink with French Vanilla Kahula, Orange soda and root beer that's Awesome as well.


  • metameta Regular
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    Jim Beam whiskey with 3 ice cubes and a splash of water.
  • 47 47 4747 47 47 Acolyte
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    I hate mixed drinks, but I did make this one that was like drinking sex. Vodka + fresca + sprite and add some lime juice/half a lime and you're SET
  • AnonymousAnonymous Regular
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    Mountain Dew + Everclear.:p
  • BaconPieBaconPie Regular
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    White Russian's are always safe but my favourite has to be Margaritas and Mojitos.

    Never ever try a Bloody Mary.
  • DirtySanchezDirtySanchez Regular
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    I always like a jack and coke. Never fails to satisfy.
  • corduroycorduroy Acolyte
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    Goldschläger and apple juice. tastes like autumn.
  • st3vest3ve Acolyte
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    Also known as vodka and OJ for the uninitiated. :facepalm:
  • v0xv0x Regular
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    I also like the Old Fashioned, the Whiskey Sour, and the Pimm's Cup.
  • jamie madroxjamie madrox Sith Lord
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    1 1/2oz Barcardi 151 + 1/2oz Malibu rum + pineapple juice to taste. Its Called Carribou Lou. Tech N9ne raps about it in alot of songs. It's good for getting chicks druck because you can barely taste the alcohol.
  • Dr. AwkwardDr. Awkward Regular
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    I keep it simple. My favorites:
    Gin & Tonic (with lime! never lemon)
    Jack & Coke
    Vodka & Cranberry
    tequilla and grapefruit juice

    Also whiskey with a little bit of water is good.
  • 4206942069 Regular
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    2parts Beefeater, 1part tonic

    lime ruins good gin... But makes cheap gin taste better
  • ScoobyScooby Acolyte
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    Malt liquor + cranberry juice. Keepin it hood yo-
  • Dr. AwkwardDr. Awkward Regular
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    42069 wrote: »

    lime ruins good gin... But makes cheap gin taste better

    Can't argue with that, I'm used to drinking London Dry
  • CaesarCaesar Regular
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    All of them... mixed in a boot.

    That or White Russians.
  • mandingomandingo Regular
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    Jack and coke is my fav
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    Margaritas or long island ice tea for a classic drink. Also partial to a 'Wrong un' - my own creation - shot of Jack, shot of tripple sec or Drambuie - the straight mans Southern Comfort. One ice cube.

    If I am in a drinking mood, a Wilso - a creation of my brother - shot of jagermeister and a shot of good vodka (Stoli or Smirnoff black) in a whisky tumbler, two ice cubes and topped with Iron Bru - tastes like a cross between dandelion and burdock and Dr Pepper. Knock 'em down, become the clown.
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    I usually just drink beer, but if I'm doing shooters at a bar, I'll opt for a correctly made B-52. Other than that, throw some Jose my way or some Famous Grouse.

    That pic of the B-52 isn't proportioned right, each should be equal parts.

    Make sure the fuckers use Kahlua and not tia maria - I was trained as a propper cocktail waiter back in the day, and tia maria is coffee tar for tarts. Kahlua = original and best, rather than some grain spirit mixed with a flavour.
  • mandingomandingo Regular
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    ^^^ I know right, if I don't tell em to use Kahlua and Grand Marnier, they throw cheaper shit in it and charge the same price. I know a few bartenders that remember to make em good.

    wow bar tenders really do that crap? i dont go often but that seems shady?
  • ThatfriedKidThatfriedKid Acolyte
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    I usually drink my alcohol straight. Spend all my money on the booze and don't have anything left for a mixer.

    But when I am mixing booze:

    -Screwdrivers, can never go wrong with those.
    -Vodka and raspberry lemonade
    -Vodka and lemonade
    -Whiskey and coke
    -Tequila and a powerade slushie from Sonic, just straight dankness.
    -Vodka and NOs energy drink or Rockstar lemonade.
    -Jungle Juice
    -Jager Bombs
    -Gin and Tampico, just tastes like tampico.

    I drink a lot of cheap vodka, so really any cheap juice goes fine with it if I can afford it.

    EDIT: And pink pantie droppers! You fill a punch bowl with 151, put some crystal light pink lemonade mix in (not sure how much), then throw in some citrus fruits and let it soak for a while.
  • angryonionangryonion Just some guy
    edited September 2011
    Vodka and crystal light lemonade.
    No sugar = less of a hangover.
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