Next year I'm going to travel across Siberia/Russia...

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Fuck you pussified European backpackers, trekking through Rome and shit, taking pictures of old churches. Next year, I'm embarking on a sicko adventure into one of the world's most isolated and dangerous areas: Siberia, and the Russian Far East. Along the way I'm going to take a shitload of photos, interview the locals, write about life in such conditions, and kickstart my way into becoming a freelance journalist.

Places I'm thinking of visiting at the moment are:

1. Altai Mountains Absolutely beautiful scenery
2. Irkutsk
3. Lake Baikal The world's biggest freshwater lake
4. Yakutsk The world's coldest city
5. Kalyma Highway The world's most dangerous road - the 'road of bones'
6. Oymyakon The northern hemisphere's 'Pole of Cold'
7. Far eastern Gulag Camps
8. Magadan

No return ticket, no onward plan. I'm just going to rock up to one of the world's most isolated towns and see what awaits me. I cannot fucking wait.

Anybody else doing anything notable soon? Or is this site a mere breeding ground for boring basement dwelling faggots with nothing of note to say?


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