Paranormal Activity 2

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The first movie wasn't really that scary, but this sequel blew the first one out of the water. Seeing it in IMAX was even better. Anyways, it's great to see if you like a lot of JUMP moments, because that's basically all the movie is. You seen everything from security camera/handheld camera footage, and most of the scary moments involving various parts of the house just shaking or gettin' creepy. Regardless, it was very well directed.



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    Fucking dying to see this in HD.
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    It was strange because the theater had a collective idea of when shit was going to happen. So we would all sit and comment during the slow parts, but when night rolled around, the theater changed their mood completely and like braced themselves for shit to go down.
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    Was it because the movie was predictable or because there was some paranormal activity influencing the theatre? :o
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    It was directed good and all, but I thought the first one is creepier.

    This movie is great, but it just didn't compare to the first one.
    I like it how they somehow linked both of the stories for both movies together.

    You think Paranormal Activity 3 will be about the mother?
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