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ok so i rote this about grounding cus its stupid and pointliss so ok here it goes

grounded agin
nothing 2 do
nothing 2 c
feeling blue

siting at home no tv
laying on the couch
no computer 4 me

go outside and sit down
the day is over
all i did was frown

cus its not about sucsess
its about stupid things
like a math test

got a d minus
i guess i will lissin 2 bad music
like primus

heering bad werds cus im grounded
its like being spectral 4 a day
minis my @$$ geting pounded

so now i am smoking under the brige
and i am spiling tom8o soss in the frige
all cus im grounded with everything 2 lose
i hope u like win i track mud in the house
with my dirty shoes :o:o:o:o:o:o


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