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ok so who here plays this game???? i try 2 play online but it always messes up halfway thru and the ppl atack me 2 fast and r 2 good so anyways wut teem do u guys like? do u think all 3 teems china usa and gla r all fare? my frind thinks that usa is way 2 good cus they got arora jets but idk cus china and gla also have there advantige 4 example if ur gla ya u dont have radar and arora jets but u also dont have powerplants wich meens if the ppl who r playing as china and usa get there powerplants takin out then they basicaly lose cus there hole base is useless and gla can just go in there base and poisin everything :o:o:o:o:o


  • MantikoreMantikore Regular
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    im a fan of CnC and Red Alert, but i could never get into generals. the pace was slow, and i didnt like how the build system deviated from its predecessors and moved closer towards the tradition RTS systems (thats not to say i dont like warcraft and AoE). and i found the plot to be rather lacking

    personally, i like US, mainly for spy drones
  • Hammer TankHammer Tank Regular
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    china can turtle up like a mofo, with mines and bunkers and OMG tankbusters own. that's a fun game to play on LAN, I had some good times with it.
  • DirtySanchezDirtySanchez Regular
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    I had this when it first came out but I dont have the disks anymore so I can't play it:sad: Fun game though.
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