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My first time smoking a hookah was a couple summers ago on Hampton Beach before a concert.

That fall I picked up a cheap 24" hookah off a college girl on craigslist for $30, an AMAZING price. I put about another $30 into a new bowl, hose, and windcover. It looked really nice, yellow glass and a reddish pink bowl/hose.

Unforunately it broke beyond repair at a party in May so I have to replace it before I leave for college.

There's just something about smoking a hookah, the huge, cool, fruity clouds of smoke, the bubbling noise, the buzz, that's just so relaxing.

Post your hookahs, hookah stories, favorite shisha flavors/brands, etc.


  • 1357913579 Death Cog Machine
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    Fuckin' love hookahs.

    Every try smoking nothing but pipe tobacco out of one?

    We were out of papers and had a bag of pipe tobacco. Needless to say, it was a bad idea. Such a nicotine buzz..
  • Dr. AwkwardDr. Awkward Regular
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    Hah no, I've never tried that. I got a shitload of shisha when I bought it and a couple more tins for fairly cheap so we never ran out. Did it even stay lit?
  • deaddead New Arrival
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    It's ok, pretty much only hookah when they happen to have it at bars I'm at. I almost enjoy all the fun shit you can do with the smoke more than the smoke itself.
  • KentKent Acolyte
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    I love hookah sessions with a bunch of friends. There’s an awesome range of flavours and It's awesome with a few drinks.

    I do remember when I was at a party and one of my friends ran out of coal so he was convinced he could get it working by lighting the tobacco with a kitchen lighter. Unfortunately he failed and eventually passed out after a champion effort.
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    Never tried one, but my girlfriend has one in her kitchen. Might have to convince her its a cool idea.
  • acid_dropacid_drop Regular
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    Have one, but all my shisha dried out while I was overseas.

    I think my girlfriend has some stashed around the apartment somewhere. I need to start a raid to find it!
  • stresstres Regular
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    Australian government decided to introduce tobacco tax on shisha. 50g went from $3.50 to $13.50. I've had a few hookahs and really would love to buy another but it's impossible to source tobacco cheap without substituting for herbal shisha which is basically shredded sugarcane, no nicotine and tastes shit.

    Nothing more chill then smoking shisha, nothing...
  • AlbinoEthiopianAlbinoEthiopian Regular
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    My favorite sheesha or shisha whichever one you call it, is blue mist, vanilla, and peach mixed. I love that combination.
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    Me and my friend found a mini hookah in his attic once, it was awesome.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    I enjoy the odd puff.

    I buy a brand called "nakhla" (I usually go apple flavored) from the local bazaar. The only brand they sell in AU - i think.

    I used to buy those longer lasting Hookah Charcoal pieces that sparkle when you first light them but i just use standard BBQ fuel now.

    Some people call them hubbly-bubblies. All the Arabs i know call it an 'argili'. I call it "the fancy bong".
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    A lot of turkish friends of mine call them 'Nargileh'.
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