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History like a rope, where everyone follows
Even if the breadcrumbs lead straight to the gallows

A bedtime story of men and heroin
Money passed on to the next of kin
But to us? Nope
It's a country of dope
Where we all simply hope
That we’ll scratch a ticket and win

There’s lizards behind closed doors
Starting’ wars, keeping score
They keep you from knowing
Stop knowledge from growing
And maintain the public rapport

Down the tracks of tyranny, powered by the coal
Of the hardened youth, a slave maker’s gold
No shame in reclaiming the work that they stole
Its free enterprise, free for the man who owns
The enterprise built from our blood and our bones

History like a rope, where everyone follows
Even when the sign says the water ain’t shallow
Follow their peers and walk straight off the plank
‘Cause their mind is blank and their bodies are hollow

It’s the sin of mankind to resist change
For fear that they’ll be scolded,
Pioneers of the honest frontier
Standing up for a cause, standing up for the blame

Even if they know the world isn’t crystal clear, they persevere
They stand up for belief against a world insincere
They're laughed at and mocked but they try and try
Only when they're dead, does the world realize

History like a rope, where everyone follows
Even if they know that the truth is hollow


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