Oh, the Fun You Can Have with a ForkLift!

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    Its amazing the fun you can have working in a wharehouse or factory.

    I used to work nights in a factory - as management were stupid, no one ever had a key for the stores cupboard so I had to take the door off with an axe on night other wise production would be stopped.

    A lot of the time, they ran the machines so hard the electrics would blow and we would have to sit around for hours doing fuck all until the end of shift - I would allways have my air rifle in the car in those days and so I would shoot pidgeons in the wharehouse.

    Apart from that, it was a shit job.
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    Hahahaha! :D
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    I watched this last night before I went to bed and didn't have time to reply, but that was hilarious shit :D

    I love finding abandoned places, warehouses are so fun. Sometime there are still things left behind in the warehouse which you can mess around with, which is awesome.
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