You will be :eek: when you see this — Totseans

You will be :eek: when you see this

CloudcatCloudcat Regular
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Google "", and view the cached version of the first link that you get.


"Outside of work Tyler enjoys playing golf, writing computer programs, playing video games, and preserving the 2nd Amendment."

Jeff? :eek:

You won't believe me, guys.

I performed a whois lookup on the domain name,

Here's what I got:

The domain is registered to a certain "Jonathan Hoyt".

After performing a reverse lookup on his name, here's what I managed to find out about him:

Note when he joined the Department, and when the domain was registered.


He has "over twenty three years experience in the development and program management of technology projects related to homeland defense / law enforcement / counter-terrorism / counter-intelligence for the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Homeland Security."

Totse would have been 20 years in 3 months... :eek:


  • ReeferReefer New Arrival
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    Can i facepalm here :facepalm:

    edit: no i can' is this?
  • TheGreenDoctorTheGreenDoctor Regular
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    Then why shut it down?
  • SpookSpook Regular
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    It makes sense, I heard he also lives in SF which was where the site was located.

    Its not like it is a new technique though.
  • KamuyKamuy Acolyte
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    Then why shut it down?

    They moved onto twitter and facebook?
  • trippytrippy Acolyte
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    I have no idea whats going on here please elaborate
  • BodilYFluidSBodilYFluidS Regular
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    from what i gathered (and i may and probably are wrong) some dude that had to do with the totse of old (which was fucking awesome) was involved with some kind of government anti terrorist progams and what not...

    but like trippy said, please elaborate because i'm not sure what's what either.
  • DirtySanchezDirtySanchez Regular
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  • HelladamnleetHelladamnleet Banned
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    That guy seems a little YOUNG to have ran a site 20 years ago. It wasn't him when we had totse, and it isn't him when we have a cheap knockoff.
  • CloudcatCloudcat Regular
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    That guy seems a little YOUNG to have ran a site 20 years ago.

    You know why?

    Because the *real* Jeff Hunter, the one who originally started totse, was actually forced into hiding and replaced with a stand-in. It was all very discreet, but it wasn't too hard to pull off since only a few people had ever actually seen his real face and lived.

    And no one was any the wiser.
  • HelladamnleetHelladamnleet Banned
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    spazz wrote: »

    srsly tho i always wondered WHY he kept totse open for so long but never posting. and then shut us off out of the blue..........

    Because he could afford to do it and enjoyed the exchange of free information.

    He closed it because the members where all becoming ungrateful fucks who didn't get the real meaning of his project, therefor making it a burden to pay for any longer, on top of the fact that the site was aging quickly, and it would be unworth his time to convert the site AGAIN for a new age of internet, considering EVERY page other than the BBS where HTML written in 1997.
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