Fuck, I wish I was kid now :(

DfgDfg Admin
edited December 2010 in Spurious Generalities
Wouldn't it be awesome if by some miracle or whatever I had the power to move my mind back in the past. Like my current brain intelligence and it's perverted thoughts get pushed back into the past me which is around 10-year-old or less and I do get to keep my dick and other physical characteristics.

This will happen in stages, the first stage would involve my brain transmitting thoughts into my past brain and then slowly my current brain will take over my past brain. From there I can solve this and that and invent things BUT I wouldn't do that.

After stage one completes, I am going to hook up with all the hot girls and when I have them in my control I will start stage two which will add a large penis and other things ;). After that complete, I will fuck those girls and have a blast.

I know it's impractical and perverted but fuck it. This is HB!

tl;dr: I wish I knew how to fuck when I was 8 or 10.


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