Guy Faces Five Years In Prison For Reading Wife's Email

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Could someone face prison time for snooping through a spouse's e-mails?
For Leon Walker of Michigan, the answer was yes.

Suspecting that his wife was involved with another man, and worried that it was affecting their daughter, Walker logged into Clara Walker's Gmail account last summer.

Walker, 33, said it was easy for him to log in because his wife kept the password in a book next to the computer.

"I definitely felt it was OK to confirm [the affair] by reading her e-mail in our home," said Walker.

While Walker believed it was OK, Oakland County prosecutors did not and have charged Walker with felony misuse of a computer. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

This is Michigan's first criminal prosecution for snooping through a spouse's e-mails. So far, two Michigan judges have refused to toss out the charges in the potentially precedent-setting case.

"It's outrageous. It's insane," Walker, who is now divorced, told ABC News.

What a load of bullshit. 5 years? He has every right to look through the bitches computer and it's between them not the law. Stupid fucking prosecutors.


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    Yeh I just saw this, it's a load of shit. If the genders were switched, the woman would be hailed as a hero for feminists everywhere and get invited to Oprah :facepalm:
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    So fucking true, Mayberry. This world has a long way to go.
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    i agree mayberry. she obviously didnt want to hide it that bad if she kept the password for everything right next to the computer
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    Fucking hell, this is BULLSHIT!
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    5 years? shit!

    What would he have gotten if he had assaulted here? life?
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    If she didn't want him reading the emails, why the fuck would she keep the password in a book next to the computer :facepalm: She might as well have just told him the password.
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    I hate how the government thinks they have the right to be in every aspect of a person's life. If I ever got sent to jail for something like that, i would end up getting sent back to prison for killing the bitch when i got out.

    This made me laugh my ass off dude, thanks :D
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    5 years? shit!

    What would he have gotten if he had assaulted here? life?

    That's just the maximum penalty if found guilty. He'll probably get a much lighter sentence, if he is found guilty. Trying him sure is a waste of tax payer money though, he has every right to investigate his spouse if he suspects she's cheating on him. The government should play no part in this.
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    Holy shit we're gonna flood prisons with high school students and angry sorority girls/frat guys now??? Shittons of people check each others' email, texts, call records, etc., if they suspect cheating. What the fuck is this shit :facepalm:
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    Yeah the prosecutor is really stretching out the intent of the law on this one. First off any intent of privacy is essentially non-existent with a shared computer, and therefore is not to be expected.

    Kinda makes you wonder if the prosecutor has nothing else better to do than waste the taxpayer's money on this when clearly any half-wit defense attorney will see this for what it is then tear the prosecutor's case apart.
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    Yeah they always put the maximum shit in the paper or whatever to make it more interesting.. for me it said up to 15 years in jail and I got probation lol you know?
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    This case will never go to trial. He is being charged under hacking statutes. If someone supplies you with user/pass it is not hacking. But the real reason this will never go to trial is as follows.

    The legal precedent that a guilty verdict in this case would set would have long reaching ramification within every business in America. No longer would companies be legally permitted to have policies which state that there is no expectation of privacy with company based email addresses. If this man is convicted then the precedent would not allow a company to view an individuals emails at work without the express permission of the employee, even if the company had the users password (which in all enterprise environments does not happen).

    This is a case of a computer illiterate prosecutor who has a hard on for men. I mean seriously, have you seen a picture of Oakland County prosecutor Jessica Cooper? The bitch looks like she has not had dick in 20 years.

    P.S. The OP is a moron.
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