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This is the kind of shit I'm looking for in this forum.

I need to write this down so I can erase it from my dry erase board, why not post it here,


Color-Sight Sounds-Hearing Texture-Touch Odor-Smell Taste-Taste

Sight---> obviously McDonalds knows Yellow on Red makes us hungry, but what do we not know about other senses and emotion invocations? (hunger may not be an emotion, but it is a means of control,) you get the drift
-blue or green invokes calmness, black invokes depression, and whatever else, so since sight is so well accounted for, what the hell about the other 4 senses?
Since these recent discoveries, what are we being manipulated through that we don't realize?

Hearing--> maybe hearing certain chords of notes make people happy, of course it does, songs and music! poppy songs, make you hungry, maybe McDonalds knows, badabadbubah, makes people's stomachs feel empty?

Q: What agitation/excitement of a sense invokes what?

All of these things also invoke emotion, smelling turkey reminds of Thanksgiving and whatever else goes with that, maybe a taste of peanut butter reminds you of your dead dog, memories are too subjective, so for invocation purposes, what would we do?

For some reason these sight ones are not subjective, but very general, same with music.

I think the only thing to appeal to Texture, Smell, and Taste is through memory directly to emotion, like Applebees and TGIFriday's and Chilis and Olive Garden all having the same commercials, of people being loud and fun. A direct emotion and a seed of presupposition to ensure the atmosphere of the restaurant is interpreted and remembered by the senses along with it bringing the commercial propaganda.

Chili's is trying to get inside your head and control your block your memories, you'll see the commercial so many times that you won't remember the actual experience you had there. So when you're thinking about eating at Chili's again, your thought process starts, Chili's, I want my babyback babyback babyback, (image of the people in the commercial laughing and being loud) Eat fResh!




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