another rap 4 u guys

brandonbrandon Regular
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ok so mods move this if u want idk were 2 post it but wutever dont ban me anyways this is a poem i made about my life strugles and stuff :o

yo this is totse on the net
members in the corner doin ket
they do drugs and steel
its the only way 2 cover how they feel
cuz they hate ppl and this sosiety
they hate this thing called sobebrity
postin lulz and callin out trollz
there most hated beer is od'ulls
siecadelics are there tools
2 life and imaginashin
take with it gr8 fasinashin
a reality vacashin acompanied with a revelashin
make fun of a starving haitain
with no food or water
take 5 hits of the bloter
and there f****n there own doter
they do wut they want till they drop
chugin beer senses num as a vike they pop
hopin they dont o.d.
oh no its the cops lets flee



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