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Occam's Protocol

blamehoffmanblamehoffman Regular
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I am thinking about undertaking the "Occam's Protocol" workout regimen as outlined in the book "the 4 hour body"; has anyone had any experience with this system, its effectiveness compared to others, and whether or not it actually works?


  • AlbinoEthiopianAlbinoEthiopian Regular
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    hmm... haven't really heard much about that. Would you care to expand on what you are doing exactly? (exercises, reps, diet etc. )
  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    I read a little bit of the book. I didn't get to the workout/diet though. The book seems interesting as fuck.
  • blamehoffmanblamehoffman Regular
    edited February 2011
    It does seem interesting as fuck, but i dont know if it actually works. The basic idea is this; you can gain 10 pounds of mass per month by going to the gym for two 30 min workouts a week, doing a total of four exercises.

    Apparently by doing like 7 reps to failure at a 5/5 cadence you can stimulate the growth hormones in your system due to the "time under tension".

    I dont know how well this would actually work, i've heard alot of criticsism of Tim Ferris and I am skeptical of anything that seems this easy; I'd just like some feedback from someone who has tried this before I put the money down for a gym membership/supplements/food (of which you apparently need vast amounts). Im a university student living at home working part time at minimum wage so i am pretty catuious with my money, especially with student loans looming on the horizon.
  • AlbinoEthiopianAlbinoEthiopian Regular
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    It doesn't matter how intense or not intense the work out is if you diet isn't in check and you aren't eating right or enough. 10 pounds of mass is quite a bit if you want lean muscle. A human can naturally gain only up to 3-5 pounds a month of muscle.

    I don't buy into this at all though. If you only had to work out twice a week for 30 minutes doing only four exercises this would be supported by a lot more people and bodybuilders. That just won't work for you in the long run. Maybe if you are a skinny ass kid that eats horrible and hasn't been in a weight room in his life it might work.
    You defiantly won't keep seeing gains month to month by just doing that. That is just outrageous.
    Take what a say like a grain of salt though. The only way you can find what works for YOU and YOU only is by trying it. Everybody is different and their body reacts differently to different things.
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