Solid antivirus/firewall software (preferably free)

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What are some good antiviruses or (and!) firewalls?

I've got F-secure but it keeps fucking up and I cant change something because its out of my control. Norton was terrible and just slowed down my comp. AVG was good, but that was on my last computer.

Any information would be greatly appreciated on the matter. I heard Panda was awesome?


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    Avast 5.0 [AV]
    Commodo Internet Security [AV + Firewall]
    Microsoft Security Essentials [AV]

    Eset Smart Internet Security [Firewall + AV]

    I suggest if you're using Windows 7 to use MSE or Avast 5.0 and use the built-in firewall of Windows 7.
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    I recommend AVG for the AV and Malware Bytes to rid yourself of unwanted malware if it finds a way into your computer.

    AVG is pretty decent, its been protecting me great since I started to use it.

    Also sort of AV related but you should always update your Java/Flash/Whatever due to the fact that it can be exploited and allow a backdoor into your computer.
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    Avast is currently the best free AV (according to standardized AV tests). Comodo Internet Security has the best free firewall, IMO. Just turn off the antivirus from Comodo (there's an option), you won't need it. Malwarebytes is also a great utility that you should have installed regardless of your AV. GMER is also a good, similar specialized utility. But yea, the most important thing is to really have all Adobe and Java products updated ASAP all the time daily and not use a mainstream browser (that includes IE, FF, Opera, and Safari). Chrome is probably your best bet.
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    I just run AVG Professional. It barely uses any resources, keeps shit out of my system, and is generally cool. I never even notice it's there.
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