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Recommended Reading:
Find here a list of recommended reading compiled by /lit/ users, please refrain from posting topics asking for recommendations until after you have checked this link. It also contains a list of valuable links when looking for books, including 'must read' book lists and the Western Canon.

Free Electronic Books (Ebooks)
Try the following websites for access to free ebooks:

Another resource available is #bookz, check these links for more information!

If the book is not found on one of these resources then it is unlikely a free e-book version of it exists, try a simple Google search before posting here. However it is unlikely a member of /lit/ will be able to help you if it is not listed on one of these resources.

Searching for the perfect E-Reader? For you or as a gift?
Please search these websites:

for all the information currently available on E-readers
If, after THOROUGHLY searching these sources, you still do not have the answer you're looking for then please feel free to post a thread here asking for help. However we will most likely not know the answer if it is not posted on the listed sites.

Converting ebook file formats:
Okay now you have your ebooks you might want to convert them to a more e-reader friendly format. Most ebooks come in a .txt or /htm; format, the most e-reader friendly format is .epub. We suggest converting all files to this format for the best results.
The best tool for this is a free program called Calibre:
It also serves as a good way of cataloguing and sorting your ebooks.

Literary Blogs and Online Magazines:
Listed here are some interesting and varied blogs concerning literature. These are regularly updated with fresh content, meaning you will rarely read the same thing twice:

Miscellaneous Links:
Listed here are a selection of links pertaining to literature, mostly online resources, they include free literature courses, online videos and lectures and much more.


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