A True Totse Love Story

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About 7 months back I made a thread about a girl I liked who had just moved to the area. She had a boyfriend back home but he was a piece of shit and I really liked her but am terrible with girls. I decided to ask Totse what I should do.


The advice that was given to me helped tremendously and I we were soon dating.

Months later we moved into an apartment together. We had (and still have) sex regularly and eventually I knocked her up. I was actually happy about this because by this time I was (and still am) head over heels in love with her.


However things went awry. She was at work one day and lifted a 25lbs bag of sugar (despite my constantly warning her not to lift heavy objects) which apparently caused her to have a misscarriage.


We made it through the terrible happening and came out on top with a stronger relationship. Months passed by filled with little playful arguements and lots of sex. Throughout our relationship I had been showing her articles on Totse and she began to appreciate the community. Eventually she registered but I had to withhold sex to get her to post (I wouldn't really have but I don't think she knew that).


Now we've finally come to the conclusion that we should tie the knot. We're getting married. There is not a definite date yet but its going to happen and I feel that this community has played a small role in our relationship which helped bring us to this point. We would still be getting married regardless of the existence of Totse but because of the insight of many members I felt it would be appropriate to share this with you all and say thank-you very much for helping me.

tl/dr: Username and I are getting married.


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