Tom Waits - Alice

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I really enjoy the majority of the songs on this album. Some of them are a bit meh but most of them are pretty good IMO. I very much like his low raspy voice and am a fan of songs about death which a good number of his are.


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    I have been a fan of Tom Waits since I was 15 years old and saw him on Fernwood Tonight.
    Like Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Fernwood 2Nite was set in the fictional town of Fernwood, Ohio. The show satirized real talk shows as well as the sort of fare one might expect from locally-produced, small-town, midwestern American television programming. Well-known actors usually appeared playing characters or a contrivance had to be written for the celebrity to appear as themselves. In one episode, Tom Waits' tour bus happened to break down in Fernwood.
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    Tom. Waits. Is. The. Shit. My favorite singer by far. "Mule Variations" is a great album too.

    "Small Change" has some stuff that's easier on the new listener, but still a lot of great songs.
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    Gotta love Tom Waits.

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