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Obama's Slamming of the GOP

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During a Chicago fundraiser Thursday night a CBS reporter caught and tapped a conversation of Obama with doners showing his disdane for the Republican party.

While I myself am rather apathetic when it comes to politics (left or right) I am generally in the mood for Republican bashing :)

Obama's Conversation


  • KatzenklavierKatzenklavier Regular
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    And you think democrats are better than republicans? Granted they are both evil, but republicans less so.
  • SemSem Regular
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    Actually I don't care for either political party but to be honest my personal opinion is that Democrats are the lesser of two evils yes.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    While i have no Anti-American sentiments, I've got to say that from were i'm standing you guys are fucked beyond belief and it's all your (the working class) fault.

    Slowly but surely you have allowed the wealthiest people to get away with paying less and less tax (and as a result contributing less and less to _your_ social services) under the belief that wealth "trickles down". Meanwhile you are paying ever increasing amounts of money for food and rent and the wealthy who are meant to give you jobs don't think twice about relocating a few hundred jobs to Asia.

    Obama comes along and attempts to introduce a decent healthcare bill and everyone starts whining about how it's going to cost too much and how it's a deathtrap in disguise (but you're willing to pay a for-profit company for your healthcare, who has a clear interest in minimising the actual healthcare they give you)

    You fuck him up in the primaries because you blame him for the economic shitstorm that bush helped fuel and you somehow think that the republicans, who firmly believe in laissez-faire policies, are going going to save you.
    so now he has to do "spending cut" deals with the republicans (never mind their hypocrisy of not batting an eyelid at the cost of two wars) who are using this as a way to control the Democrats. These spending cut directly impact you, the rich aren't touched by this.

    Next election you'll likely put in a republican in office who will get busying at destroying any progress Obama has made and then further erode the living standards of the working class.
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    Both parties have their fair share of my support on different issues.

    Ah, couldn't have said it better myself.

    Personally I don't vote in presidental elections seeing as how to Electorial College does that for me, heh. That as well as the fact that I'm a bit lazy :P
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    Also I've a quote I'd like to add and while the definition of a statesman is not exclusively an altruistic politician I thought it was a rather nice quote.

    Mikhail Gorbachev – "What is the difference between a statesman and a politician?... A statesman does what he believes is best for his country, a politician does what best gets him re-elected"
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