Drinkers: are you fat?

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Just something I was wondering about, recently.

In recent years I started at uni and my alcohol intake has obviously gone up a shit-load, (binging hard every weekend and then some) and with age my metabolism has gone down.

As a result, I'm getting chubby as hell! It's only just began to bother me, so I'm gonna try cut down to no more than 5 drinks per session. It's annoying because being shitfaced is fun.

My questions, boozers: What is your drinking schedule like, are you gaining weight - and if you've managed to curb it, what did you do?


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    I don't drink but I thought I should share this, a user tweeted me this:
    @astolf_: "@DFG: Its wrong that Alcohol makes u fat, it actually makes u lean, lean against walls, doors and people who get u home" cc @lvelazquezr

    I tweeted him back this:
    @Dfg: @astolf_ Dude Alcohol is the shit, it's the holy juice that Jesus praised and Osama loved. ALL HAIL ALCOHOL, keep on leaning!

    His reply was just lol!

    The reason you're getting chubby is simple, you eat more than you burn. Try doing some work outs, running, jogging, walking would be a good start. Limit your in take as much as possible. Focus on good stuff, target your weight and try to reduce it one pound at a time.

    The best way is to get a good pace going that's easier for you to follow and will not derail you from weight losing scheme. All in all, you will require will power!
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    mudslimes can't drink LOL @ dfg fail :facepalm:
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    I'm not exactly twiggy, but boozing certainly hasn't packed pounds on. I work a lot and I work hard. My body burns through calories fairly well, and that which I get from alcohol intake is no exception.
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    fanglekai wrote: »
    mudslimes can't drink LOL @ dfg fail :facepalm:

    Wow, what an on topic and contributing post. :facepalm:
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    Depends on your metabolism, and how much of the booze/sugar you are burning off while you drink. If you are active while you are drinking, like dancing or doing beach stuff, your blood sugar won't go too high, and you won't pack on any weight, much less hangover too. If you sit on the couch belting back beer, it's gonna go somewhere.

    As for me, I would say my extra pounds are 50% booze, 25% diet, and 25% not enough exercise, I eat better than most, and I walk a lot, but I used to drink erryday, almost, and if my diet got bad for a while, or I wasn't getting enough exercise, the booze would pack on a few pounds until I smartened up.

    "slowly unfattening"
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    I've gotten a little bit of a podge going on, although I'm not sure it's from drinking alone. I think it's possibly because I've been eating a shit load as well, but that doesn't usually have an effect on me. I've been drinking more than normal lately though, and I've certainly seen a difference where my stomach is :facepalm:

    Try drinking less, drinking more spirits and less beer which is basically liquid bread.
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    I drink pretty much everyday (aside from the last week or so) and since ive started drinking this much ive lost a shitload of weight which is weird cus i never do any exercise. I think its mainly cus i start fairly early and end up forgetting about dinner most nights and if i do eat it just comes right back out. So no im losing weight the more i drink
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    i drink quite a bit, and no exercise of any type, and i'm still looking good. guess it depends on metabolism as said, and i don't eat while i'm drinking even if i want to (interferes with my buzz)
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    Start exercising/jogging on the week days when you don't drink.

    Only drink liquor mixed with good juices. (not soft drinks)

    Eat a good meal an hour or so BEFORE you start drinking, not at 3 am when you have the munchies and feel like eating everything in sight.

    You may also want to adjust some of your regular eating habits as well depending on what or how much you eat everyday.
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    Near daily drinker. I'd probably consider my self to be of slim/ athletic build.
    Although, I usually drink spirits and exercise often as well as keeping a good diet.
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    you got to limit your food when you are drinking more if you dont exercise or you will get a little chubby
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    duuude wrote: »
    Only drink liquor mixed with good juices. (not soft drinks)

    Never considered doing liquor plus healthier shit. Thought I was doing so good putting away vodka + coke instead of 12 beers, but then did the math and realised it wasn't much better. :facepalm: I'm gonna start experimenting with juices and anything a little lighter.

    Gonna be hitting the running and weights with my (drinking) bud too until I'm back on top boozing form :D
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