i <3 bacon

fanglekaifanglekai Regular
edited May 2011 in Spurious Generalities

so does muhammad :o


  • JestAJestA Regular
    edited May 2011
    I actually thought this thread was about Bacon. i like bacon. now im disappointed.
  • SemSem Regular
    edited May 2011
    As am I JestA. Here's my contributing picture concerning bacon.

  • JestAJestA Regular
    edited May 2011
    ^^^ freak.
  • JesusJesus Acolyte
    edited May 2011
    Yellow showers are forbidden in civilized societies, please either drink more water so to become invisible the shower or just have a real shower instead , also be aware that cumming into male faces is considered faggotry in Jesus eyes and you will go to hell for that.

    And for fucks shake! shave that forest of hair that you call bear or so.!
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