Fucking racists

BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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STFU nigger faggot


  • MooseKnuckleMooseKnuckle Regular
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    u aren't from the USA, sucka
  • DaktologistDaktologist Global Moderator
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    That is all
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Greece doesn't have niggers?
  • DaktologistDaktologist Global Moderator
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    Not all yet Anuslogist :)

    Note to Admin Dfg

    Remove him from the Mod position.:) and ban him.

    Thank you:)

    Not going to happen faggot
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    My roommate accused me of being a racist when he was drunk last night, I told him he was right, and I told him why, and I told him he could go fuck himself if he had a problem with it. Fucking drunk ass 1/16 native wangonburning Newfie hypocrite shit for fucking brains asshole.
  • ChromeChrome Semo-Regulars
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    I don't think it has lot :), the main reason must be the elimination of our forests, due to fires of course.:mad:without forests what use has to have niggers lol :(, you can't hng them if you don't have trees, can you ???:facepalm:

    Damn idiots that burn our forests....:mad:

    The above is sarcasm or something like that :eek:

    Niggers can't sarcasm.
  • JesusJesus Acolyte
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    Chrome wrote: »
    Niggers can't sarcasm.

    Damn...! you blew my cover :) I just painted my face black for camouflage.
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