The Oohs and ahhs of sex

BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
edited May 2011 in Life
Are you a moaner? Do you grunt? Breathe Heavy? Shout out FUCKME, WHORE, BITCH?

Are you Quiet? Do you make any noise at all?

Its really simple. What sounds come out of you when you have sex?

And for you virgins, when you beat your meat Do you make any noises?

As for me, I noticed I have a small moan and of course a lot of breathing.

Not this Im too fucking fat and out of breathe style. More like small inhale exhale.

When im drunk and so is she. Thats when i might do the shout out.

"Bend over Bitch"

As for my women, I love mid level moan. I hate that fake porn moan when

you know its obviously fake and your dick isn't pleasuring her that much.

Never again will i fuck a mute. Thats fucking gay, makes you feel like

your not hitting anything.



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