13 year old interrogated for Osama facebook posts.

I can see where Assange is coming from when he says Facebook is "the greatest spying machine ever created."; your borderline pubescent child types in the wrong thing and he'll be getting a visit from Agent Smith. Just another reason to use sites like Totse instead.


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    You do realise this is pacino. That is why he hasn't been here recently.
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    What the fuck kind of bullshit is this? How did the feds even find out about the kids status? He has seven friends (look at the screenshot).

    This basically confirms that the US government has high-level access to the data on Facebook.

    I hope whoever is responsible for this gets disciplined
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    Fucking HELL, feds fucking everywhere.
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    Wow. That's incredible, although unfortunately believable :( Fucking Facebook.
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    How did the feds even find out about the kids status? He has seven friends (look at the screenshot).

    It would appear Facebook wasted no time in contacting the authorities, which is unsurprising given what Zuckerberg has previously said about his concept of privacy.

    That Shylock will sell your ass faster than a white slave-trader.
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    Hence the reason why you should never use facebook
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    I just came here to post this, I was sent a link to the zoklet thread by an IRL friend, and all they're discussing is the attractiveness of the kid/his family and how it's their fault.

    They've lost their balls.

    I'll just copy-paste my post there to here:
    Are we the only sane people in this thread?

    What the fuck happened to you guys?

    Everybody is having a little circle-jerk about the kids (and parents) looks to boost their little ego, yet FON is the ONLY person who has mentioned how fucked up this is. (EDIT: And Spectral)

    The secret service has taken to interrogating a seventh grade child at his school, without parental knowledge, over a facebook post.

    Does nobody here realize what a waste of money, resources and manpower this is?

    Not to mention his family can't even fight back because of their financial situation.

    This happened not too far from where I live. What the fuck.

    If the Obama administration continues to interrogate middle school children over facebook posts, they're going to make some serious enemies. Namely, the people of the United States.

    Wonder if I'll get a visit for that...rather lulzy, since I'd like to believe it's common sense.
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