Lip smackers

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Bet you thought this thread was about niggers, eh? Heh, not this time. However, this habit disgusts me just as much as niggers, if not a little bit more. What is so fucking difficult about having a little bit of decency in the presence of others and chewing with your mouth closed? No one else wants to hear it! It is not only disgusting and bad mannered, but I consider it to be primitive as well. There is no fucking need for it. I've found that only the most moronic and biggest assholes smack their lips whilst eating.

My grandad told me the other day that my uncle used to do it and my grandad would give him a clip around the head EVERYTIME he smacked his lips and didn't chew with his mouth closed. After many clips and being told time and time, it sunk in... I've never known my uncle to ever smack his lips since I've been born anyway.

Lip smackers make me want ride on the back of a huge nuke and into the ground, blowing up the entire fucking world. Fuck your primitive mannerisms, you assholes are not excused, so don't expect to not be told to watch your manners or be surprised if someone causes bodily harm to you. You deserve it.


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    agreed, definitely one of my biggest pet peeves :mad:
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    I chew with my mouth closed, but I have less than no compunction about slurping soup; I mean when it's super hot that and/or blowing on it are really your only options and both are bad manners...
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    Shame on you Negrophobe, suggesting that a admittedly disgusting human behaviour as being worse than the natural behaviour of a subhuman negro beast. tsk tsk.

    well i suppose you could argeu that unlike niggers humans generally have a choice in the matter , adn id be hard pressed to find a excuse to argue against that point but you get my point, comparign human behaviour of any kind to nigger behaviour, for shame Negrophobe for shame.
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    Negrophobe, in this case, I agree with you 100%, people who chew with their mouth open should be shot, pissed on, buried, dug up, burned, extinguished with liquid feces, and the ashes fed to dogs, the dogs to camels, the camels to niggers, and the niggers to dogs who are then killed and buried at sea. I refuse to eat in the same room as my cousins wife as she sounds like two geriatrics having overly lubricated bum sex, 'smek', 'smek', 'smek', and god forbid someone pulls this shit in the seat behind me on the bus, I will get up and stand beside them with my ass near their face praying for a fart. Fuck, this could have been a good rant, but I am getting the stinkeye from the bitch at the counter, fuck you coffee shop internet cop bitch.

    "bye internet"
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