Stealing Solar Panels

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I thought it was a slightly original idea but a quick search on google tells me that everybody is doing it. Personally I'm not interested in doing that sort of thing, but some of you probably are. You could save mucho money on all your electricity needs and "specialty lighting" if you're into that sort of thing.

Cover your whole roof with those things and you can make money selling it to the electric company. You would probably have to buy and have installed the solar power converter, but I think the panels themselves are the most expensive part of the set up.


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    So, how do you get up on a roof and actually steal a solar panel? Do you know much about the way they're fixed to the roof, etc? Sounds interesting to me.
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    They're quite expensive and usually a bitch to reach. Plus, you will need to steal different panels or panels from same brand to make things work better, plus you will need some knowledge about panels and how they work, mostly the installation and uninstallation part. You will need a coverter and a battey for charge.

    If done correctly you might get some rewards from it but it's still stealing and it's always a risky thing to do considering you're actually showing everyone you got some new panels.
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    Worth the hassle? And what if some poor nukkah that you robbed sees his custom built panel sitting on your roof?
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    Active solar panels can shock you, right? I remember a clip of President Bush reaching to touch one somewhere and the guy showing him around practically tackeld him so he wouldn't get shocked. Maybe it was a different President. :confused:

    Pro tip steal them at night,no sun no power:D
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