So, we lit a giant cross on fire...

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Since I live rather far in the woods and have a huge yard, me and some friends have been coming here pretty frequently at night to chop down trees and light some fires.

Since there were so many people there, and because I rarely see my girlfriend at the moment, I decided to light the large pile I've been saving for a special occasion. Before I lit it, however, my friend Max got the idea to chop down two small trees and make and burn a huge wooden cross.

Pictures follow:


Zombie chainsaw man is Max, the other one is Steven.


Max with his cross, just to show you all how big it is.


Max and Steven trying to get the cross stuck through the middle of the firepit, with Forrester watching.


Girlfriend [Ruby] infront of the firepit/cross, to show you how big it all is.

Fire pictures in next post...


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    Pictures continued...


    Right after being lit, before doused in gas. Got a great video of Max and Steven chanting "White Power!" as we lit it with gas.


    Starts to pick up speed...


    Really starting to get speed. I guess cameras dont' really capture fire very well, but it's pretty tall compared to what the picture showed. I was worried about it catching the tops of the trees on fire. Like Max said, "It's at least 7 Rubys tall!"


    Last one, cord next to the fire.
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    what? no white pyjamas with pointy hoods?
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    They kept trying to get another one of my friends to run to the store to get some white bedsheets, actually. Spur-of-the-moment things are sometimes the best :D
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    That's awesome man, haha. The fire looks great, and I'm guessing you didn't catch any trees on fire?
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