I'm a Leftist! And Proud!

da teachada teacha Regular
edited July 2010 in Spurious Generalities
And no, not the faggoty Marxist type! :mad:

I believe that all left handed people are superior than those right-handed peasants; that we are creatively, intellectually and aesthetically the greatest race on this Earth!

We have been held back for generations: our superiority they feared. In medieval times we were witches to be burnt, in Victorian times we were forced to change our dominant hand, major corporations of the world are neglecting our differences and selling right-handed based products, and even still, in the languages of the world, those right-handed fascists refer to their own race as 'right'.

It's time to rise! We are a held back race in this world, when we should be the ones on top.

Take to the streets! Arms proudly held in your left hands, and march on the left side of the road all the way to your governments! Demand your equal 'lefts'! For great glory of our proud and superior race!


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