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I am a firm believer in both the first and fifth amendments of the Constitutuon of the United States. For those of you who don't know what these inalienable rights are for the first check the front page of this site. The fifth is the right to keep silent whenever you want but especially when it might incriminate you. Being such a firm believer in these rights I have made it a policy that I do not tell anyone to "shut up". I will either ignore an annoying person, explain that I'm not in the mood for conversation, am not interested in the subject or will tell them that i simply don't want to talk to them and why. At the same time I really really hate it whenever someone tells anyone ESPECIALLY me to "shut up". Unless it is a family member you can bet an arguement is about to start if I hear it addressed to me. The only exception I make is in saying "STFU acolyte!" because it is a totse tradition. I fucking hate people telling me when i can and cant speak especially since irl I don't speak very often. It is one of the few things that will immediately send my anger level sky rocketing. I'm not an angry person but hearing "shut up" puts me into rage mode.

*waits for and expects several members to post "shut up" and/or variations of*


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    Funny thing is, people who talk constantly seem to have no problem being told to shut up. Usually they just start looking around for someone else to annoy.
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    I agree completely with both of the above statements.
    As someone that doesn't talk often I get raging when I'm told to shut up.
    I think I might join you with your first theory as well.
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    I like this philosophy....
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    I think that it's a rage trigger for most people, myself included. Something to do with having your views silenced and or demeaned at the same time I suppose.

    A slight variant is when someone attempts to talk over me that really makes me see red.
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    can i get a BOOM ROASTED!
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