Well! I wont be buying a 'Lamborghini Gallardo' this year.

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Millionaire destroys his Lamborghini in revenge

So, how would you deal with your new Lamborghini Gallardo breaking down after only six months? One Chinese owner, a millionaire called Mr Han, decided enough was enough, and paid a bunch of workers to batter the offending supercar to death with sledgehammers - complete with pics.

No really. The incident took place in Qingdao city in China's Shandong province on 15 March, and comes after the Gallardo's owner had unsuccessfully written to Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann to complain.

We can tell you that this Gallardo's troubles began on 29 November 2010, when it refused to start. Lamborghini Qingdao recovered the car, but not only did they fail to fix it, according to the owner the bumper and the chassis were damaged in the process.

As well as writing to Winkelmann, the owner also contacted Lamborghini China's HQ, the service-manager for Asia-Pacific, and the Volkswagen Group. Failing to get a satisfactory response from any of them, he apparently decided to turn the whole debacle into a public spectacle, complete with film crews and bystanders.


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