How the fuck do you survive the heat?

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Ok so I'll be going away as of tomorrow to a place on an entirely different latitude to the UK and was wondering how you survive in the heat? I've read around but wondered if there were any personal stories or tips - looking at you, Dfg. I have a light coloured hat, will drink tons of water, nap in the day and all that stuff. I'm just sensitive as fuck to it.


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    Get your house as cold as possible at night by leaving the windows open. Then in the morning, seal the place up and try to prevent the heat from getting in. If your house has zero insulation (like mine), you'll start to get pissed at around 11AM.

    I have two giant fans that I use to circulate air, but that only gets the temp down around 10-15 degrees.

    The malls are always packed on hot days because of the free air conditioning, although a lot of stores are keeping the temp at 78F in order to be "green". Fuck that shit.
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    The summers in Australia have reached around 50°C (122° Fahrenheit) in the past and often reach 40°C which makes it tough sometimes. The only things you can really do to ameliorate the heat while outside is to drink plenty of water, lather on some sunscreen every several hours, wear a good coverage hat and wear loose light-coloured clothes. Also make sure you have some quality sunglasses on hand.

    I guess you could buy a sun umbrella or something, but in heats like you get in Australia it wouldn't really help avoid all the heat. The ground reaches scorching temperatures that you get burned from this alone. Sucks pretty hard.

    Hope you enjoy your time away :)
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    A) Sunscreen, the intense heat and direct light will burn your skin. I am pretty fair when it comes to skin color but the Sun here makes sures you turn into a fried nigger.
    B) Learn to adapt, using AC isn't such a bad idea but when it comes to heat it's better if you just get used to dealing with it. Like I know power will go out, so I just try to get used to the heat without using AC. You can sleep in AC and drive around in it but the sudden weather changes might be a bitch to handle.
    C) Water, drinks tons of it. Raven drinks two or three water coolers daily, I use maybe two bottles. Since you sweat more and your body temperature rises from time to time it's essential you keep some cold water in place.
    D) Cover you HEAD with a cap, wear light clothes but keep your skin covered unless you want to get a forced tan.

    In the end, it depends on your duration. Whatever you do, DO NOT FUCK with the weather and Sun.
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    Cheers for the feedback guys and girls :) it's been a while since I saw you round these parts, silosighbin! For the record I am off to Italy and all sorts of weather is forecast, from sun between 27 and 33 celcius then thunder and rainstorms. So a mix of humidity is in the works. Dry heat I am fine with, but humidity just makes me feel like I am in a constant walking shower, and I get really arsey as I know I'm dripping sweat from my balls.

    Also, fuck yeah for spending money. Big photo.

    Don't forget the &T advertising ;)
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    ^Win, 33 C isn't a big deal, hell I sleep in the that temperature at night.
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    RemadE wrote: »
    Also, fuck yeah for spending money. Big photo.

    Don't forget the &T advertising ;)

    Haha awesome :thumbsup::D
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    Dfg wrote: »
    ^Win, 33 C isn't a big deal, hell I sleep in the that temperature at night.

    My Dad calls me "milk bottle" for a very good reason ;)
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    Dfg wrote: »
    ^Win, 33 C isn't a big deal, hell I sleep in the that temperature at night.


    But Australia has a power grid that mostly works, so I set the house to 22oc.
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    HA 33c, it's dark and slightly hotter than that right now.

    Get used to the heat that's the best way.

    I live in the desert also, and I never bother using the AC, in the house or in the car. I just open the windows.
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    Right ToTSEans, your IFIOTW and Porn Mod is off to Italy. Be back on the 12th!

    Video is what I expect to happen.

    Song encompasses Europe. Kinda. Sorta. If I was taking my lass.

    Can't forget my special sandwich for the wait in the Departure lounge, either :cool:

    [uLoadr auto-delete]
    Gonna miss you lot. Seriously.
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    Just chatting to a Rasta in the departure lounge. Funny as I got the sarnie through :D
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    You do get used to heat, that's for sure. I know that when it gets really hot around here and sticks like that for a good week or two, the sudden cold spell afterward feels REALLY cold. It's really disappointing actually.
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    OP is a lactose intolerant pussy
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    wow, i thought maybe you were going to the Sahara or something 33c ain't nothing. I really dislike the heat.
    buddha wrote: »
    ... I live in the desert also, and I never bother using the AC, in the house or in the car. I just open the windows.

    ^convection oven^
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    Not sure why I said 30 celcius, it was hitting near on 40+ as a heatwave hit Rome in my last few days.
    Also Pacino, how did you come to the conclusion I was "Lactose intolerant"? If anything the amount of ice cream, milkshakes and epic cheeses I had in Italy went down and came out pretty well. I should have taken you a photo.

    Will slowly upload pictures. Still tired and stressed as fuck. I was pining for an English accent toward the last few days, and then when I boarded the plane after a brief punch-up and form filling, I realised how much I hate sitting in a cramped place full of potential Jeremy Kyle applicants.

    And that's just the UK in general, lololololol.
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    What about putting up Totse flyers? :D
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    The stickers curdled in the heat. Seriously. I did a fuckton of sharpie tags though.

    First things first, I had to do this.

    Europe, eh? This was the train station at the Airport.

    The compound I stayed in. Yes, compound.


    The first night we went for a walk, and the entire City of Rome is covered in Graffiti, Flypaste and stickers. People ignore them and they are just left. Sticking up &T adverts here wouldn't have been much use. Instead I turned to my trusty Sharpie.

    We spent the first third of the time in Rome, then travelled North to a few Towns, then back to Rome.





    There was a shitload of Political stuff about, be it Combat-18 or Anarchist. This one cracked me up. Some Italian people had a memorial for Bobby Sands? Never knew it was that far reaching.
    Or Anonymous...



    As I went back to the Compound, I sweet-talked my way onto the roof. I also found a computer and decided to have a bit of fun.


    After which I found my way into a massive Chapel and arsed around playing Drum n Bass on the PA system, then had a ceremonial Warpaint session with the Holy Water.




    Oh yes. Then this.


    Once again, returning to the rooftop at sunset.


    Onwards to the Countryside.



    I had spent a fair bit by now.


    You always find fucked up shit when abroad. Caption?


    An awesome Medieval Town. Proper postcard-like.



    "And pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot."

    Returning to Rome and the Vatican, I had to arse around.




    And XP?!

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    badass dude, looks like you had a good time.. good pics :thumbsup:
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    How about get in the shade and don't be a pussy?
    I love reading about heat waves when they hit Europe, you silly euroniggers drop like flies because you don't have the good sense to drink goddamn water when it's 105 degrees out.
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    We've had 95+F temps this week and last.
    Wouldn't be so bad if the entire state wasn't sitting above a massive aquifer.
    It's like sitting above a pot of boiling water.
    Fucking gayer than aids, mang.
    But, you get used to it, i suppose.
    Lots of water and fewer smoke breaks.
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