Poppy seed

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what to do with them?
Have plenty, about 6 lbs.
No, I am not going to grow them, takes too damn long.


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    No psychoactive compounds, so far as I know, but you could back this up by pulverizing an ounce or so in a coffee grinder and eating them. They won't grow either, at least the ones I spread hither and yon a couple of years ago didn't, I suspect the have been sterilized by radiation or chemicals.

    "opium, yum!"
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    I have some somewhere that i harvested from a poppy plant that was growing in the paddock by my house.
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    Been a few years since I did poppy seeds but we used to fill a 1.5L water bottle halfway or more with seeds, then pour in water, shake the crap out of it for about 30 minutes, pour the dirty looking water into a cup and drink up.

    I only did it a few times with minimal results (didn't drink that much) but I know a guy who did it all the time. Seemed to work if you stole the right seeds. Some didn't work, some did.

    Also, said guy ended up in rehab at one point and had some long time heroin addict tell him that its impossible to get high off poppy seeds shaken in water. Guy went out and whipped him up a strong batch and the ex h. addict drank a bit much to prove his point and ended up being taken to hospital.
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