No one hates on a loser

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So why be discouraged if you got some haters? When it comes down to the reason...the comes down to envy. No one hates on a loser because they want to be like you; if they didn't want to be like you, then they wouldn't take the energy to bring you down..and that's why they are your biggest fans..

If you got some haters just remind yourself you're doing something right..


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    Well, that make sense but I am sure a troll would hate on a loser. I mean majority of Internet trolls love fucking with losers, so although you may have a point but in reality anyone can be hated.
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    Then it's not hating :) they just have problems in their lives and they feel that they need to displace it :)
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    Trolls look for whoever they can get a rise out of.

    I've started trolling in every day life, now. Next time someone says something to do, pretend like you can't understand/hear them.

    "How did that launch earlier today go?"
    "The shuttle took off perfectly.
    "What's that?"
    "The shuttle launch went well"
    "The shuttle launch went well!
    "I can't understand you."
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    My favorite IRL troll is the short term memory troll.

    "How did that launch earlier today go?"
    "The shuttle took off perfectly."
    "What shuttle?"
    "The space shuttle!"
    "Oh, did they launch it yet?"
    "How did it go?"
    "It was perfect."
    "What was perfect?"

    Drives them nuts every time.
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    As funny as that may sound :D I don't see how that is "hating" on someone..if anything that is just bugging them :o
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    Its true with what you say, but losers do get most of the jibes of people who have a superiority complex and insult them to feel better about themselves :) Just my thoughts.
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    Trolling =/= hating.
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