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What business degree should I study in and where?

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I'm planning to get a business degree in the United States but I'm am unsure of what type of business I should major in or even where should i study in.

I'm more of an entrepreneur-minded person and I have look into Business Administration for some time now. I'm more of creative person and I love to challenge new ideas.

I am also looking for a university that offers cheap and reasonable fee and good education with good credibility. I'm currently looking into University of Nebraska but I am also interested in other options.



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    If you wanna do entrepreneurship, study something related to a field you could make a business in. Don't study business itself.
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    WOW. It's people like the OP that makes me a little ticked off..

    If you want to be en entrepreneur..THEN DO IT. It doesn't require a degree or any sort.

    Business administration doesn't help you start a business...it only helps you manage someone elses. If you are looking for a way to learn more about starting businesses..you won't learn about it in college. College education is purposely formatted by the goverment to breed people to work for others and not yourself.

    My point: why pay a lot of tuition for skills that you don't need as an entrepreneur when you can use that money and START NOW?
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    I have no experience with college, but I don't think it works. every rich man or person who i've met who can make it has never had a degree, and hasnt made it through much highschool. walt disney is a good example, he flunked 9th grade.

    Controlling people can make you money. lots of self made men dont do anything at all, they have visions and make other people do the work for them.

    Disney separated the women from the men, they filled in colors. the men dealt with all the top level stuff, the women, separated and put on different floors. look into the story of Walt Disney, he started from nothing and got everyone to do everything for him. he was not the "Uncle Walt" some of us have been told. he was a Rat.

    when all of his workers went on strike, He hired the mafia.... Al Ca pones best men at his disposal. Al capones men did not fuck around and threatened many protesters with there life. Walt Disney was also afraid of the union, One man leading a group telling him what he could do. He hated Jews, and would fire Blacks or dark people on site. not one artist got credit, it was all Disney.

    He was nutz, and afraid of the commies. he actually took the stand on national tv against commies with the Usa and was working with the FBI. He Even called out people as being commies in his work force on Tv, he named the names of protestors... I wasnt born back then.... but god dam, people were afraid of Commies . this can all be seen from a special called, Walt Disney - Secret Lives

    do you want to be controlled or be a controller? in my eyes all a diploma says is you follow orders.... no questions, iffs, or butts. its like homework Sucka'. Disney sent all them fuckers to art School and he owned them.
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